My Technique

Chiropractors use a very specific and gentle form of manual manipulation which I combine with deep tissue massage. The manipulation is no more uncomfortable than the discomfort you are probably already feeling. But my treatment is geared to the particulars of a each individual and their needs.

Massage will help relieve acute spasm which allows me to mobilise and manipulate the joint. With a chronic condition, there is often fibrositis (knots in the muscle) which massage helps to breakdown.

Continuity of treatment is also essential. At my practice, you will only see me.

Elderly People
Many of my older people benefit from my approach to Chiropractics. It should not be assumed that because you are getting older, you have to learn to live with chronic pain or acute incidents. Although there is likely to be some degeneration, soft tissue massage and gentle mobilisation usually has a positive impact and allows people to get going again.

I am seeing more and more teens in my practice due to the increasing pressures and stresses of their lives. In addition, they often carry heavy loads in very bad ways and sit awkwardly for long periods studying. Although they would be examined and treated as other patients, I find the extra time I spend with them giving advice and guidance invaluable.

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